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The mission of Vanini 1871 is simple; Spreading the culture of fine chocolate and cocoa. High quality from the selection of fine raw materials to craftsmanship, creative and innovative. The attention to detail, passion for excellence and respect for the traditions reflects what our chocolatiers create daily.


Vanini Swiss Chocolate Since 1871 comes from the happy intuition of Vittorio Vanini and, through the following generations, comes to our days with all the load of sensual sweetness that only a product created with love can express.


We love to see people smiling, happy, excited by the happy things in life. Chocolate gives you perfect moments of sweet happiness.

Our chocolate is created and packaged by our skilled master chocolatiers with the best Swiss craft tradition, selecting the finest ingredients, working with passion, wisdom and creativity.


Giuseppe Vanini SA has set guidelines to ensure the sustainability of its cocoa. These guidelines include the complete traceability of cocoa beans up to their origins. Cocoa cultivation must be in harmony with nature, and must provide for the wellbeing of the farmers and their families. Our long-term commitment must ensure the benefits of the future cocoa grower generations.

Fresh Chocolate

Fresh like all good things.

Fresh chocolate is the flagship of our range, with a unique and intense aroma, produced with artisanal methods by our maitres chocolatiers.

Our delights

Taste the sweetness of our creations.

Our Shops

Dal nostro flagship store di Lugano, fino alle maini città di tutta Europa, e oltre. Vanini carried in his world a delizioso angolo di Svizzera. Vieni has our own rental.

Online shop

Open 24h

Express shipping

We deliver all over Switzerland

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