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53/5000 Milk chocolate 37% with smarties (280.140)

100 g

CHF 9.50

Milk chocolate 37% cocoa, with smarties 

A colorful and cheerful milk chocolate designed for everyone and to make children come back. Sweet and chocolaty, it is an excellent gift idea for the little ones and to snatch a smile to the most gluttonous friends. The chocolate pairing - Smarties puts everyone in agreement.


Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, shelled cocoa beans, emulsifier (E322), Madagascar vanilla, skimmed MILK powder, cocoa paste, Anyhdrous BUTTER, WHEAT flour, MILK serum powder, RICE starch, fruit and vegetables concentrates (safflower, radish, black carrot, lemon, ibiscus)
May contain traces of: Milk (including lactose), Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), Gluten


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